Since opening their doors in December 2019, FMDanceCo has experienced an overwhelming amount of love and support from the Antelope Valley dance community. FMDanceCo is quickly becoming the “it” spot to be, becoming everyone’s favorite place to dance, rehearse, take class, get fit, shoot, film and much more - Take the next step and come take a class!

The History

The Team


Business Owner / Choreographer / Foodie / Dog lover. 


Reina is a First Generation Hispanic Artist and Business Owner. She started dancing at the age of 4 and has professional training in over 23 forms of dance, including ballroom styles. After years of hard work, Reina was able to travel to Germany, Colombia, Punta Cana, Washington DC, Florida, & New York to work on her craft and officially went professional in 2007. She believes dance empowers you physically, mentally, emotionally, leading her to want to empower others back home, the AV. She was involved with the AV community for two years before she opened up her own dance studio. Her extensive knowledge of the different styles of dance has not only brought more joy to the AV, but also empowerment and a blossoming for her clients.

Reina Santa

Yoga Instructor/Health Coach/ Geek


Brian didn’t choose yoga. Yoga chose Brian. Beginning as a hobby to keep the body flexible and using it as a form of physical therapy after a serious motorcycle accident, he grew a passion for the practice and philosophy behind the art. From that moment, Brian pursued a formal yoga instructor education and became a certified Vinyasa-style instructor in June 2019. 

He continues to grow his knowledge and experience by branching into Therapeutic and Yin styles of yoga and loves using it to help people by sharing the mental/spiritual development aspect of yoga in order to help others process and overcome the challenges people face on and off the mat. He also loves to help others improve in flexibility, balance, posture, and even injury management/recovery. See you on the mat for a fun, rejuvenating experience! Namaste.



Administrative Assistant / Book Lover/ Nerd

This is Llarely but she goes by Ellie. She’s the oldest daughter in her family and a First Generation Graduate from Vanguard University of Southern California from May 2020. Since then, she moved back home to Palmdale and while she doesn't have a professional dance background, she does enjoy expressing herself through dance. She’s ecstatic to be able to work at Fusion Movement and is thrilled to see people grow in their journeys and reach their dance goals. She'll be the first to greet you and the last to give a thumbs up on a job well done. See you on the dance floor! P.S. She’s a huge Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Superheros Fan, so if you ever want to see her ramble, now you know. 

Llarely Salvidar


Online Administrator